domenica 12 febbraio 2012

my speech at the MPM VII graduation - SDA BOCCONI

Dear students

Dear parents and relatives

Dear colleagues and friends

You made it….. it seems yesterday when you started your master, when you were asked to introduce yourselves, when you, well some of you, had some issues with quantitative methods….and then the search for the right internship, the last class in May….the MOC presentation and the farewell party with the Oscar Awards

So Here we are…..

You are now prepared, you tried really really hard…….and you made it….

The Master degree  you are about to receive does not have to be considered just as an achievement…. It has to be a corner stone for your professional future career..

 I think we all  have now a major challenge:  to show how the public sector  can add value into nowadays society. It is not just the economic crisis that is creating issues, it is the way we have been considering  the society that is going upside down.

There is a need for a new vision on the role of public sector and specifically working for the public sector has to mean, now more than ever, sharing values as: integrity, reliability, transparency, fairness, commitment….and much more…. This is why public organizations are considered mission driven  organizations…their mission is to serve the community….and to do so we need valuable public managers….. Our communities, our cities need you.. your knowledge, your expertise, your joy and your commitment….

So let me remind you that “A city set on a hill cannot be hidden”   so be brave…. Be committed… you have a major goal: to Leave the world a little better than you found it….

It was really an honor to serve as MPM director and to be here at your graduation day. I will be brief but I would like to highlight some points:

1 – stay in touch: I clearly remember what I said when I welcomed you on the very first day of your program: you can provide value to the class you are a key component (KSF) of the Master of Public Management. Enforce the network you created with your mates, the faculty, the guest speakers and mihmep guys too. This is a crucial point the network you were able to create will be a competitive advantage for your future career and your personal life.

2 – be visionary: the highest mountain is the one you never tried to climb….  we discussed it several times… strategy is useless if you do not have a vision and a system of values that will guide your journey… if you can dream it you can do it….. because I really think One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests….

3 – I have been the director of the MPM for quite some years and I think it was a real blessing…. Yes, ok I know what you are thinking and you are right: a director is responsible for the pedagogy, the integrity of the program , all the administrative issues, the selection of the students……but I had the opportunity to work with some outstanding teammates, in a truly remarkable working place….and with world class students…..

It is now time to pass the torch and leave the directorship of the program… It had been a wonderful experience, full of emotions, always under pressure…. Enriching…

I have now to thank quite a few people:

First of all I would love to thank the person that had the vision 9 years ago…Elio Borgonovi… He gave me the opportunity to coordinate first and then direct the program…..I will always be thankful.

I would also love to thank all the administrative staff and the tutors that supported the program since the beginning: Aleksandra, Joanne, Elizabeth, Silvia, Asia, Daniela….you were and still are the pillar of the program….

What about all the coordinators: Stefano, Greta, Laura, Stefano, Monica…..thank you for your commitment, for sharing all the moments, the  deadlines and the issues with me… It had been a privilege to work with you…..

A special thank to all the faculty members, the colleagues and the visiting professors…you were able to provide value to the program…. Thank you for all the advice, ideas…..the feedback you gave me….

I leave the directorship to Monica… I am sure she will move the program to the next level…. The MPM  8 is doing great already….

I will not leave the program  I will have a lot of fun teaching performance measurement and the MOC….I will chair the steering committee…..we are working to have an outstanding committee…. 

What is next?

Yes…. Of course…. I have to thank you MPM students from all the  7 editions, each one was different, unique, so valuable….It was really a joy to have this beautiful experience….Let me conclude my speech with a final quote:

“Adversity causes some men to break…. others to break records”….MPMs are meant to break records….

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